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Strategic cooperation between Arab Chambers Union and Antika

Strategic cooperation between Arab Chambers Union and Antika - Antika

His Excellency Dr. Khaled Hanafi (General Secretary of Arab Chambers Union) & Ahmed Nasr (Founder and General Manager of Antika)

Date: 23-10-2022

A strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Arab Chambers Union and Antika in Cairo. The agreement included Antika's participation in the Union's activities around the world, supporting cultural activity, and organizing  handcrafts and Certified replicas exhibitions  as well.

The cooperation will expand to cover organizing workshops related to the culture and arts sector.

This agreement also contributes in supporting tourism sector through localizing  virtual (VR) trips techniques and marketing for touristic destinations in different countries using 360 imaging technology.

From his part, Ahmed Nasr, Founder and General manager of Antika, corroborated his great appreciation to the role of Arab Chambers Union in supporting Arab companies regionally and internationally, expressing his thanks to His Excellency Dr. Khaled Hanafi.

It is worth noting that Antika will open it`s first permanent exhibition outside Europe in Brazil in March 2023 .