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Daily life

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Daily life in ancient Egypt

The Religion was an integral part of the daily life of every Egyptian.

and The culture is often misunderstood as having been obsessed with death but, had this been so, it is unlikely it would have made the significant impression it did on other ancient cultures such as Greece and Rome. The Egyptian culture was, in fact, life-affirming,  The mother in ancient Egypt had a great position as the source of life and the symbol of warmth, tenderness and sacrifice 

women in ancient Egypt played an important role in many aspects of daily life and religion. They had equal rights to men with regards to the property and in court cases The schools in the Pharaonic civilization were represented in the temples and included two main annexes:_

• (pr-Ba) meaning (House of the Spirit), which is the school for teaching religious sciences and its name became Al-Barabi.

• (pr-Ankh), meaning (the house of life), which is the school in which all sciences (engineering, writing, astronomy, medicine,

And Swimming was an important part of Egyptian culture, and children were taught to swim when very young.  sports played a significant role in Egyptian entertainment  Also the Egyptians learned how to move river water to their fields, they were able to grow more food, including grapes, apricots, olives, and beans.

Gardens and simple home adornments were highly prized by the Egyptians. A home garden was important for sustenance but also provided pleasure in tending to one's own crop.

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