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Coptic icons and the itinerary of the Holy Family's journey to Egypt

Egypt was the haven for everyone looking for safety, its land was not alien to the prophets of God, as the sons of Abraham - peace be upon him - and a delegation had already come to it. To her, Joseph - peace be upon him - and Joseph the Carpenter broke with what was commanded and came to Egypt with the Virgin and her child on the journey of the Holy Family, escaping from the face of Herod, the king of the Jews at the time. The Holy Family did not settle in one place, but moved in many places, from the Sinai coast to the Delta and the Nile Valley, until it reached the middle of Upper Egypt. This cultural heritage is linked to a group of archaeological sites that carry many monuments and stories for us that revive the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt, where the Holy Family entered Egypt through Sinai from the side of Arish and Al-Farma to travel to many Egyptian cities. 

The church paid attention to the icons, so it depicted Jesus - peace be upon him - in different situations from his life such as the Healing the blind or the Last Supper. Icon is a word of Greek origin that means image or likeness. In the Christian terminology, it is an image that represents a person or a sacred scene drawn on wood or wall according to special methods and traditions that show the condition of the person depicted in it. By this definition, not every image is an icon. The icon, in principle, is a picture whose colors blend with egg yolk instead of oil, glue, or any other gelatinous substance, unlike the western image in which painters use oil and chemicals.

The goal of the holy icon is to enlighten the mind with what we have learned of theological and historical facts, and to stir up sacred emotions in the heart by what it represents to us from scenes of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin and the Saints.

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