Project Objectives

Project Objectives
Antika Museums

Egypt has a long and diverse history, with many different cultural influences and traditions that have shaped its society and way of life, Showcasing, and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Egypt and:

- To provide an immersive and interactive experience that allows visitors to learn about and participate in different aspects of Egyptian culture. 

- To celebrate and honour the cultural heritage of the country. 

- To provide a platform for local artists, performers, and other creative individuals to showcase their talents.

- To encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of Egyptian culture among visitors.

- To foster a sense of pride and belonging among members of the Egyptian community.

- Overall, the main goal of a cultural museum show and workshop in Egypt would be to provide a way for visitors to learn about and experience the unique customs, traditions, and cultural practices of the country, and to promote understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

- The activities will be great opportunity for cultural exchange.

- It will be great opportunity to show artworks from Bulgaria.