The smallest statuette of Cheops, the mummy of Tutankhamun and the bust of Nefertiti transport Burgazlians to Egypt

The smallest statuette of Cheops, the mummy of Tutankhamun and the bust of Nefertiti transport Burgazlians to Egypt

The smallest - 9 cm., a statuette of the Egyptian pharaoh Cheops, the mummy of Tutankhamun and the bust of Nefertiti transport citizens and guests of the city to ancient Egypt.

The exact copies of the art effects are a small part of the exhibition "Egyptian Tales", which is arranged in the Black Sea Hall of the Congress Center in the seaside city.

The objects, dishes, statuettes are made in the Egyptian factory "Konuus", whose name in translation means - treasure, and are a project of "Antika". The exhibits are pre-scanned and handcrafted to preserve their authenticity, and each one comes with a certificate issued by the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

"Egyptian Tales" shows different periods of the history of Egypt, starting with the sons of the founder of the IV Dynasty. In the "Chernomorie" hall, you can see the smallest statuette of Cheops, which is only 9 centimeters high. Visitors can also admire the beauty of Neferneferuaten Nefertiti - Queen of Ancient Egypt from the XVIII Dynasty (XIV century BC), wife of the Egyptian King Akhenaten, who reigned from 1353 BC. – 1336 BC In translation, her name means "Coming Beauty" or "Beauty Came". The original bust of Nefertiti is not even in Egypt, but is in one of the Egyptian art museums on Berlin's Museum Island. Visitors in Berlin are not allowed to photograph the bust, which is placed behind special protective glass, while those who will visit the exhibition in Burgas can enjoy the queen's beauty from a few centimeters away. The copy of the bust shows in full the grace of the original.

One of the unique exhibits in "Egyptian Tales" is the exact replica of the pharaoh Tutankhamun's mummy. The vestibule of the tomb was opened on November 26, 1922 during the six-year excavations in the Valley of the Kings by archaeologist Howard Carter. "Even if you go to Egypt, you will not be able to see the mummy of Tutankhamun. You will only see the sarcophagus in which she lies. Therefore, here you have a rare opportunity to see an exact copy of the mummy," said Prof. Sergey Ignatov - founder of Egyptology in Bulgaria, at the opening of the exhibition.

"For 15 centuries, we have a joint history with Egypt, starting from the time of the Ptolemies, passing through the Roman Empire and reaching the Ottoman Empire, when we were together again. Egypt is the father and mother of European civilization," shared Prof. Ignatov.

In addition to exhibits from ancient Egypt, including the mask of Tutankhamun, the exhibition also displays copies of Orthodox icons from Coptic monasteries. Copts live mainly on the territory of Egypt. They are the largest Christian group in both Sudan and Libya.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Khalid Ibrahim Emara, together with ambassadors and consuls of the UAE, Yemen, Poland, Vietnam, Argentina. Ambassador Khalid Ibrahim Emara greeted the guests and expressed his gratitude to the Municipality of Burgas, which was represented by the Deputy Mayor for Culture Diana Savateva. Among the official guests was Sevdalina Turmanova - chairman of the Municipal Council in Burgas.

The founder of Antika - Ahmed Nasr shared a few words about the exhibition, which will remain in the Black Sea Hall of the Congress Center until September 19.

In addition to viewing the exhibits, visitors will be able to take virtual tours of Egypt with VR goggles, as well as learn to write their names and years using Egyptian hieroglyphs. There is a separate and special corner with various activities for children. Those who bought a ticket for the exhibition can also participate in a raffle with prizes - a trip to Egypt.

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