Mystical Egypt in Burgas. Mystical Egypt in Burgas. Egypte mystique à Burgas. Egipto místico.

Mystical Egypt in Burgas. Mystical Egypt in Burgas. Egypte mystique à Burgas. Egipto místico.

Yesterday evening, 18.08.2023, an exhibition of reproductions of official Egyptian state symbols and monuments was opened in the Congress Center of the DPPI and on the territory of Port - Burgas.

The meeting was attended by the ambassador of the Republic of Egypt in our country H.E. Khalid Ibrahim Emara, the ambassadors of the countries of Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Poland, the founder of the organizing company Antika Balkans, Mr. Ahmed Nasr, who delivered a speech, Prof. Dr.Sc.Sergei Ignatov, Dr. Vesela Atanasova from BAS - Doctor of Egyptology and project coordinator, representatives of the Municipality of Burgas, Executive Director of the Port of Burgas Eng. Diyan Dimov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the DPPI Capt. G. Sabev, public figures, businessmen, citizens and many children.

The ambassador said that he sees great potential in the Port of Burgas and the logistics bases in the city to become a hub for goods from and to Egypt. From Burgas, goods can be moved to the Balkan countries and Europe and in the direction of the Republic of Egypt. H.E. wished to exchange correspondence, to make familiarization visits to discuss the possibilities of signing a cooperation agreement between the port of Burgas and Egyptian ports.

The ambassador also said that he wants to look for opportunities to develop bilateral relations in the economy, in the fields of green energy, smart cities, exchange of agricultural products, cultural and tourism exchange.

The development of the Burgas Port area, the possibilities in the loading and unloading direction, the conditions for cruise tourism, the plans for the expansion of the Public Access Zone were among the topics discussed during the talks.

The port of Burgas carries out import-export of various cargoes from and to Egypt, mainly the export of ammonium nitrate and the import of technical salt.

From August 18 to September 19, the exhibition "Egyptian Tales" will be hosted in the Congress Center - Burgas Port, in the "Chernomorie" hall next to the Sea Station, thanks to Antika Balkans and Gergana Stoyanova from Burgas - one of the organizers of the event.

Gergana Stoyanova: "An extraordinary journey through time awaits us this month in Burgas. The Egyptian Tales exhibit features over 100 exact replicas of some of the most significant artifacts that tell fragments of Egypt's history. The exhibition goes beyond mere visual effects with a tribute to Egypt's boundless contribution to the development of human civilization. Antika is the exclusive owner of the collection made by Konouz Egypt. The exposition will take us through different eras of Egyptian history from Ancient Egypt, Greco-Roman, Coptic, Islamic and Modern. You will come across the statue of Cheops. It is a paradox that the image of the pharaoh who owned the largest pyramid is on the smallest statuette - only 9 cm. It was found in the tomb of his mother, you will get to know his sons, the rule during the fourth dynasty and move on to the life of the time of Nefertiti and Thutmose to reach the objects belonging to the child pharaoh Tutankhamun, namely: a necklace with a vulture and a cobra, a hunting and fishing chair, a coffin with a mummy, the golden mask, his head and statues on a leopard and a boat.

The exhibition also includes the Rosetta Stone - the epigraphic monument found in 1799 during the excavations of the ancient Al-Rashid fortress, about 7 kilometers from the small town of Rosetta by the Nile. It turns out to be the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.

And another funeral bed with the heads of lionesses, a shrine with vessels, the statue of the god Ptah, gold ornaments, masks, icons and papyri, amulets... The glitter, the exquisite pattern and the ethereal lines will saturate your eyes and stir your souls.

Sergey Simeonov Ignatov is a Bulgarian historian - Egyptologist and politician. Founder of Egyptology in Bulgaria. From November 19, 2009 to February 6, 2013, he was the Minister of Education, Youth and Science in the government of Boyko Borisov. Prof. Ignatov is the first Bulgarian to be elected rector of a European university - the European University for the Humanities in Vilnius since March 1, 2018. He is currently the Rector of EHU, professor of Egyptology at the New Bulgarian University and head of the Bulgarian Institute of Egyptology.

Sergey Ignatov was born on August 6, 1960 in Vidin in the family of a lawyer and a dentist.

Works at European Humanities University - 2018 - rector

Membership in scientific organizations - International Association of Egyptologists (since 1985), Egypt Exploration Society, Great Britain (since 1993), International Association for Ancient Oriental studies (vice-president)

Founder and director of the Bulgarian Institute of Egyptology at the NBU since 2006.

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