The magic of Ancient Egypt is shown at an exhibition in Burgas

The magic of Ancient Egypt is shown at an exhibition in Burgas

The fascinating world of Ancient Egypt can be seen in Burgas by residents and guests of the city.

It is presented in the exhibition "Egyptian Tales", exhibited in the "Black Sea" hall of the Congress Center in the Public Access Zone of the seaside city. It will be on view from August 18 to September 19 and showcases the remarkable cultural heritage of the old African world in a bygone era.

The exhibition presents over a hundred exact replicas of some of the most significant Egyptian artifacts. Among them, the Rosetta Stone stands out, thanks to which the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing was deciphered. The objects on display were made in the Egyptian factory "Conuus". The name in translation means - treasure. They are a project of "Antika", and the exhibits are previously scanned and made by hand in order to preserve their authentic appearance. A certificate was issued for each of them by the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt. Visitors can also browse the gift shop offering certified miniatures for purchase.

For children, there is a specially designated area where a number of activities enriching knowledge about Egypt are organized, such as an art class with Egyptian drawings, modeling cardboard pyramids, masks, puzzles, the opportunity to wear Egyptian costumes to take pictures. If they wish, the little ones can learn to write their names and ages in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The official opening of the exhibition was attended by the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Khalid Ibrahim Emara, together with diplomats from the UAE, Yemen, Poland, Vietnam, and Argentina. His Excellency Khalid Ibrahim Emara greeted the guests and expressed his gratitude to the Municipality of Burgas, which was represented by the Deputy Mayor for Culture Diana Savateva. Among the official guests was Sevdalina Turmanova - chairman of the Municipal Council in Burgas.

"Even if you go to Egypt, you will not be able to see the mummy of Tutankhamun. You will only see the sarcophagus in which she lies. Therefore, here you have the rare opportunity to see an exact copy of the mummy", Prof. Sergey Ignatov - the founder of Egyptology in Bulgaria - said at the opening.

The founder of "Antika" - Ahmed Nasr shared with the guests at the official opening his satisfaction and satisfaction with the opportunity to present the exhibition in Burgas.

The exhibition can be viewed every day from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Everyone who buys a ticket to the exhibition has the unique chance to be one of the four lucky winners who will win a trip to Egypt for two. You can get more information at

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