Antika world at Mall Galleria Burgas

  • 11 август 2023 to 11 октомври 2023
  • Burgas

Antika world at Mall Galleria Burgas

There we will meet you in an exhibition hall, where you will be able to enjoy a gallery area with paintings from ancient Egyptian art and some of the most significant moments for them, sealed in eternity. The unique paintings are 100% handmade and there is only 1 piece in the world.

Ancient Egyptian art is a form of art that dates back 7,000 years, emerging and taking shape in Ancient Egypt, the civilization located near the Nile River. Ancient Egyptian art represented in paintings and sculptures is highly symbolic and equally fascinating – this art form mainly deals with the past, which is called upon to keep history alive. In a narrower sense, ancient Egyptian art corresponds to the canonical two-dimensional and three-dimensional art developed in Egypt from 3000 BC. and used until the 3rd century. 

Icons from the Coptic era in Egypt.

THE FABLE OF THE FLIGHT OF THE PURE VIRGIN WITH THE CHILD IN EGYPT After the wise men left Bethlehem, an Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, ordering him, together with the newborn Baby Jesus Christ and His Mother - the Immaculate Virgin Mary, to flee to Egypt and stay there until he was ordered to return from there, since Herod was going to seek the Child to destroy Him. When he got up, Joseph took the Child and His Mother by night and left for Egypt.

At the birth of Jesus, he and the Virgin Mary toured 26 points in ancient Egypt, looking for hiding places, some say that before Egypt they went to Nazareth and then headed back to Egypt, various myths exist about how long they spent there, some say 2 years, others 3 years, 5 years, 7 years... To date over 20% of the Egyptian population are Christians. It was there that the largest Christian basilica in the Near East - the Cathedral of the Nativity - was discovered. Visit Antika Tours.

Ancient Artifacts 1:1 scale exact replicas of the originals produced by the Konwus Factory in Egypt, the only one in the world approved by the Supreme Court of Antiquities to carry out such work on Egyptian Artifacts. Some of them are : 

-Statue of King Tutankhamun on a leopard

-Statue of King Tutankhamun on a boat

-Shaykh al-Balad Kabar - the scribe "Kabar"

- Thutmose III – the sixth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty in Ancient Egypt

-Tutankhamun's hunting/fishing chest and his chair

-The mask of Tutankhamun

Children's area, which includes familiarizing young and old with Egyptian art, drawings, puzzles and other knowledge-enriching activities. Writing the names and years with Egyptian hieroglyphs in a cartouche /one of the most powerful symbols for protection according to the ancient Egyptians, that was the name of the oval in which the name of the pharaoh was written/. With the help of VR glasses and the special application developed by the founder of the company Antika, you can take a virtual walk to ancient Egypt.

The souvenir shop will impress you with hand-made miniature replicas of the original artifacts, with the purchase of which you receive a certificate of origin and quality, stamped by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Egypt.

In the shop there is a ticket office for the sale of tickets for the main exhibition "Egyptian Tales", which is visiting the Burgas Congress Center, Sea Station from 18.08 to 19.09.