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Material: Polyester
Colouring: colorful


Isis is a main goddess in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, whose worship spread throughout the Graeco-Roman world. Isis is mentioned for the first time in the ancient Egypt state at around the Third Dynasty in 2686-2181 BC. This deity is featured as one of the main characters in the famous Osirian myth, in which she rescues her brother and husband Osiris, and resurrects him after the god Seth murders him. She then gives birth to their son and heir, the god Horus.

Isis was believed to have created the first mummy by resurrecting Osiris and breathing life back in to him. As a result, she is seen as guiding the dead to the afterlife. She was also considered the divine mother of the Pharaoh as he was likened to her son the god Horus. Her maternal side lead her to also become a protecting and healing goddess to all members of Egyptian society. Originally, Isis played a small role in royal hymns and in the rituals of the temples, but she was more important in burial rites and magical texts. In art, she is often represented as a female human wearing a a throne on her head. During the New Kingdom, the characteristics of Hathor - the former prominent goddess - took on the form of Isis, dressed as Hathor, and on her head we find the sun disk between her horns, as this was the manner in which the goddess Hathor was previously represented.



May 25, 2021

Good Item and company

I recently bought this ball and this is the first ball that I actually buy based on quality and material, I always been playing my friend ball and one of them recommended me this, read some review online and decided to buy it, the ball feel sticky at first but quality is nice and the hand wrote letter was awesome because it shows how much season creator actually care about their customers.