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Material: Polyester
Colouring: glided and colored


The wife of Toya was Yuya, and they both lived during the Eighteenth Dynasty.

Toya’s father was the priest of the Min and mother was a noblewoman at the palace. She bore a number of titles and was singer of the god Amun

Yuya and Tuya had a daughter hat would become the famous Queen Tye, who would go one to become the Royal Wife of King Amenhotep III – ninth King of the Eighteenth Dynasty.


May 25, 2021

Good Item and company

I recently bought this ball and this is the first ball that I actually buy based on quality and material, I always been playing my friend ball and one of them recommended me this, read some review online and decided to buy it, the ball feel sticky at first but quality is nice and the hand wrote letter was awesome because it shows how much season creator actually care about their customers.