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Material: Polyester
Colouring: glided and colored


The key to life or (or the ankh) is the symbol of eternal life for the ancient Egyptians.

Before the arrival of the monotheistic religions, the ancient Egyptians utilized symbols and signs in their thoughts and teachings directions, and took the Key of Ankh, or what is known as the "key to life," as a symbol for the afterlife and the new life.

There are modern interpretations, according to the vision of researchers at Cairo University, which say that the key to life represents the central role of the Nile River in Egypt, as the oval head represents the Nile Delta region, and the vertical part represents the river’s path, and the horizontal part represents the east and west of the country.

The origin of the symbol remains a mystery to Egyptologists, and one of the earliest theories on it come from Thomas Inman's theory, first published in 1869.

It represents the two elements of male and female life in a proper formal setting, and a symbol of a fruitful union.

* In many cases, Egyptians carried the key to life as an amulet - either alone - or with two other talismans that symbolize strength and health.

* The ancient Egyptians made mirrors of metals in the form of a key to life for decorative reasons symbolizing a religious point of view.

* The ancient Egyptians placed metal models for the key to life on the graves after they were polished with gold or copper to symbolize the sun.



May 25, 2021

Good Item and company

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